For a better district

Who is Cristhian Mancera?


Cristhian  Mancera Mejía is a Colombian American who has lived in District 11 and understands the needs of his community. This District 11 resident is a Juris Doctor and political  scientist from the Fundacion Universitaria Jorge Tadeo Lozano in Bogotá, Colombia and holds a Master's degree in US LAW from Washington University, St. Louis MO. Furthermore, Cristhian is a certified International Professor from the University of Cambridge in the teaching  of languages ​​to adults;holds a Master's degree in leadership from Keiser  University, Florida. Cristhian, has dedicated his life to the legal and educational fields along with representing his community not only in Miami Dade but around the world. Cristhian has gone from activist to providing opinion hubs where people of different ideologies have been able to express their opinions without censorship. His website,, a political opinion media source, has provided freedom of speech to many who seek to get their voices heard. Cristhian has sought to promote new leadership, values and the idea that politics belongs to the people and not to the elected officials. Cristhian believes in serving as a premise of good governance, and not the idea that people are here to serve the elected official. Having an open door policy where the elected official is always open to listen to his or her constituents allows for the fundamental principle to exist in good government; People work hand in hand with their leaders to achieve common goals. Cristhian Strongly believes in this principle of good leadership and governance.

Cristhian in the last three years has walked the streets of his district looking to make his community aware of the needs of district 11 and how they can be solved through smart  plans that involve everyone in order to solve common problems with solutions that come from the community. 

In 2019 Cristhian walked the streets handing out flyers and calling his community to put pressure on their elected officials on the need to find solutions for the heavy traffic and the incredible amount of hours spend in their cars in their everyday commute to work. This gave him an understanding not only about how to solve traffic problems in his community, but it was also a way of working together with his constituents to understand the problem and looking ahead to a possible solution to traffic and other serious challenges.

Cristhian has always been a leader opened to hear and involve his community in building bridges that allow for good governance and for common ground solutions that make sense. Inclusion and listening to others is what Cristhian has always been about. From producing a documentary about Colombia and its polarizing forces and making the point of working together to solve colombia's most important issues to running for the colombian congress in 2017-2018 and working with colombian expats around the world through building relationships with different political sectors, to creating a congressional round table in the fall of 2019 in the colombian senate to overcome the crisis of representation that colombian expats currently endure, to being involved in his local Miami Dade community for the past eight (8) years either by analyzing problems and providing solutions through his podcasts, tv appearances and his written articles on El Diario Las Americas and and by working with the community by listening to their needs walking door to door. Furthermore, As a colombian attorney, and a clear understanding of the US legal system Cristhian has a clear understanding of the problems that affect his community because he has endure them himself, and due to the lack of action on leadership to bring real solutions to these problems is that Cristhian has decided to run as District 11 Miami-Dade Commissioner.

Bringing solutions to his district on Affordable housing, traffic, jobs, entreprenuer opportunities , the environment and making his district a hub for technology are Cristhian's priorities for District 11 Miami-Dade Commission.