Set of comprenhise proposals for his community that involve growth, inclusion and the environment

Together we will move forward as a district

Proposals for District 11 Miami-Dade

  1. Growth: By investing in entrepreneur hubs and creating incentives to bring technology into our district, we can create an environment where our residents do not have to commute long hours to get to their jobs. Moreover, our children could grow up in our district, study, and stay working within our community if we provided the tools for them to grow and re-invest their knowledge in our community. This provides for growth of both local and Miami-Dade areas creating a community that grows together, and that can be proud of offering good paying jobs as a whole to our residents. Growth cannot only be measured in urban development, business growth and investments, but growth has to be measured in how we allow our residents to grow at a personal level where they feel proud of their district, they enjoy the green areas available to them and that they are involved in the building of a new district with a new vision. Inclusion as a principle for growth for our residents, business owners and developers allows for all to grow together in the pursuit of common goals. 
  2. Technology: By applying the concept of a smart city, we seek to convert our district into a technology hub with our proposal of entrepreneur hubs, hand in hand, we can build a district that allows its residents to have the tools at their disposal to get involved in their community, but also for the district to be a magnet for investments and for it to grow with the help of technology. Currently, our district has an app called West end, where residents can interact, and, yes, it is a first step, but we need to improve it, make it viral and allow every resident to be involved. This smart city concept allows a digital transformation of the district in order to predict and prioritize how to best adapt to challenges, optimize district management and build smarter districts that meet tomorrow's needs. How: Using technology to improve governance, planning, management, and livability by gathering real world, real time data. By gathering data it does not mean asking for any personal information or violation of privacy, but instead the gathering of the information that allows the district to understand traffic patters that enable  the district to understand how to better provide solutions that resolve this important issue for our residents, and, this is just one example of how the smart city concept could be applied to our district. It also helps predict where, when, and how districts assets might behave, as well as plan for growth, maintenance and infrastructure development.  Technology and its development within our district will be one of my priorities.
  3. Mass transit solution: I believe that our community deserves mass transit solutions. Many who are elected officials today still believe that the car is the cheapest way to get people from one point to another, and hence, they believe in the need for building massive highway projects that have a negative impact in our community's pocket since an average family in our district spends about 1,000 to 2,000 USD a year depending on how many miles they drive and how often they use the roads in Miami Dade that allow residents to get from our neck of the woods to their jobs, which usually means driving long distances to make a decent living. The down side is that instead of investing these monies in mass transit solutions, some elected officials have opted for building  roads that take money away but bring no benefit to the city and our district,which is one of the most affected by this dilemma. Therefore, I will commit to bringing mass transit solutions that go hand in hand with putting technology to work for our district and its residents in order to alleviate their pocket, but also with the strong belief that our district, and our south west areas would benefit from inclusive projects that involve the building of roads, with the addition of extensions of metro rail, or other means of transport that can connect the outbound corridors of Kendall drive and Killian parkway with the metro-rail stations allowing residents to use the mass transit options available to them. Along with the use of their private vehicles. The emphasis should be on mass transit and not more roads with tolls.
  4. Jobs: My commitment is to work with local businesses and developers on ways to bring good paying jobs to our district, putting together points 1-3 of my plan allowing our district to grow and provide our residents an alternative to looking for jobs far away from their district. Building entrepreneur hubs, virtual offices, and entertainment hubs,where local businesses can profit from a collective growth, that allows everyone to grow in our community. My commitment to this proposal is strong since I believe in our community and what it has to offer. But, if no one provides the tools for it to happen, then we will continue to keep the current state of things, and I believe in ideas that can change and  reform our way of life.
  5. The environment: My proposal involves a vision to bring inclusive proposals that bring solutions to a variety of issues affecting our community. Our green areas, which are beautiful, must be improved and brought to another level. By using these areas and making them intelligent green areas, we bring development along with the protection of our environment. By providing more parks, more trees and programs that protect these areas from dumping, pollution and other ways of contamination we guarantee that our environment is protected. And, yes, I know, we have measures in place that protect our green areas, but we must improve them, upgrade our parks to allow our families to enjoy a weekend in their district without having to drive far away to find a place to relax, walk, exercise and find a beautiful green area opened to every resident of this district and Miami-Dade. Furthermore, work with other commissioners and the Major to create zones for charging electric vehicles in our district and incentivize the idea of smart vehicles that are friendly to our environment along with the use of solar panels. Our district must be committed to protecting the environment and our green areas.
  6. Affordable housing: A commitment to work with local officials and the Major to come up with smart solutions to the affordable housing crisis in our district ,and how we can bring better housing at a price our families in our district can afford, allowing them to have access to a decent living. And not the current reality , where many end up renting a home where 2 to 3 families live to be able to pay their rent. A clear connection with the cost of living, jobs and wages. We are a welcoming county for tourists and visitors, and this is great, but we need elected officials who will put as their priority the people who work, build and contribute here to this county. Housing and preventing abuses with price speculation will be another of my priorities.
  7. Culture: I strongly believe that culture brings the best of us into building lasting relationships with our community and those who come here to visit us. It is high time our district becomes a magnet for culture and entertainment. How: Let's build theater hubs, incentives for our actors, artists and enthusiasts to have their art shown to our district, and from our district export their art to the world to see. Our community is rich: Cubans, Colombians, Haitians, central Americans, Venezuelans, Argentinians and many others make up our district and providing scenarios for these cultures to expose their culture, art and their history will be one of my priorities as your Miami-Dade county commissioner.
  8. Technology, culture, growth and smart solutions to bring good jobs and protect the environment is the essence of my proposal for district 11 Miami-Dade.

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